About Me

I’m a CTO, Software Architect, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Environmentalist, Cloud Computing Expert, Health Nut, Adrenalin Junkie, Foodie and a geek. And, I create software. I’ve traveled, lived and worked all around the globe, and currently live and work in Austin, Texas.

I’ve been a part of or founded startups all my life, moving on when the startups either became too big, were acquired or shut down. Way back in 1997, I joined a startup called Savesmart that was acquired by the goliath, Datacard. I then moved on to a startup called Aalayance that was acquired by another goliath, HCL. I then moved to a startup called Glomantra that shut down, and then founded NorthStar, the child safety service that was mentored by Magnasoft and GTV, and was acquired by Cafe Coffee Day. After that, I founded Blue Atoll, a consulting company, where I helped large, medium and small-sized companies – and startups – achieve their product and solution visions. Following that venture, I joined Emeritus, then an edtech startup, that was funded by the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation, and valued at $4 billion, as its Head of Engineering. Following that, I joined Hayes Software, another edtech startup, as its CTO, that was acquired – twice – once by Frontline, then by Roper.

Along the way, I’ve become an expert in domains such as edtech, healthcare, logistics, transportation, child and personal safety, telecom, GIS/GPS, finance, education, ERP and pharmaceuticals. I’ve built B2B enterprise products in areas such as messaging, ESBs and SOA, and B2C consumer products in areas such as mobile (iOS and Android) and responsive web. I’ve created solutions for government and private organizations around the world, using both cloud computing/SaaS models and traditional, on-premise models.

(here’s a more detailed version of my resume/profile)

SushiIn another life, I used to live in Cupertino, CA, though I traveled worldwide on work. I used to enjoy swimming, working out at the gym, collecting editions of rare books, writing, traveling to beach destinations and gorging on pints of coffee ice cream from the Coldstone Creamery. These days, I live in Chennai where my startup, Blue Atoll Consulting, is headquartered, but work anywhere that my clients need me – Bangalore, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Singapore. When I’m home, I spend my hours between my extended family, my beagle, Sushi, working out at the gym and brunches at my favorite restaurant, Ottimo at the ITC Grand Chola. When I’m in the mood, or when something really bothers or delights me, I blog about it on my personal blog, Blue Atoll startup blog, NorthStar blog or child safety blog. Although I haven’t been able to go back as often as I’d like, the Maldives is my favorite vacation spot. It’s the world’s most gorgeous place, and I could easily see myself working, retiring and being buried there.