Rape of India by Politicians, Companies, Citizens

No Country for Honest Indians

As a nation, we Indians are the epitome of under-performance, goldbricking and deceit. Our collective DNA is infused with abhorrent phrases like “kindly adjust“, “hota hai, chalta hai“, “swalpa adjust maadi” and “do the needful“. Our comfort zone lies in slacking and providing as little value as possible while expecting more than fair compensation in return in… Read More

Indian parents, schools ignoring risks to safety of school children

Indian Children in Jeopardy – the Ostrich Syndrome

During several recent interviews on School Bus and Child Safety in India, I was asked 5 common questions. While I’ve been an active proponent of school bus and child safety tools, technologies, systems, laws, processes and rules, it wasn’t until today that I had a chance to step back and look at the bigger picture.… Read More

Unsafe children in India

India: World’s Worst Record of Child Safety?

I first wrote this blog on the NorthStar Blogs at http://northstar.ws/blog. I’m reposting it here because of the shameful and widespread lack of awareness amongst Indians, about school bus and child safety. Is India amongst the world’s worst countries for child safety? The statistics certainly seem to point in that direction.