Depraved Indian Government + Apathetic Citizens = Perfect Symmetry

The Indian Government,
Failed to ensure food and health security
Failed to control control rampant corruption
Failed to punish participants of dozens of scams
Failed to prevent multiple terrorist attacks
Failed to safeguard women and children across India
Failed to control runaway inflation
Failed to implement and enforce RTE
Failed to provide reliable infrastructure
Failed to control crime anywhere
Failed to implement second-generation economic reforms
Failed to get anything done in parliament
Failed to provide any form of good governance
Failed to improve bilateral relations with China and Pakistan
Failed to stop gender discrimination and female infanticide
Failed to control unemployment
Failed to address the Telangana issue
Failed to address or control poverty
Failed to address weaknesses in the legal and judicial system
Failed to control the fall of the rupee
Failed to slow population growth
Failed to provide a good GDP growth rate
Failed to encourage a good export growth rate
Failed to provide useful and timely intelligence to security agencies
Failed to make CBI autonomous and effective
Failed to stop China’s growing influence in south Asia
Failed to accelerate social development
Failed to reform a worthless police force
Failed to address deficient social services
Failed to lower high child mortality

But has aggressively curtailed online freedoms, and wants to stop people watching porn.

Yet, we Indian citizens say nothing, do nothing.

Something is seriously wrong with us, that we’re condoning and encouraging this.

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